Slimfast Original Protein Shake Mixes

Take even more ownership over your weight loss with SlimFast shake mixes and create your own meal replacement shakes. Each serving controls hunger for up to four hours with 10g of protein and only 200 calories. Add in 24 vitamins & nutrients and you have another delicious option in The SlimFast Plan!

Good source of protein and fiber to keep your hunger under control up to four hours. Clinically Proven Safe and Healthy Weight Loss and Management Program.

“Best shake ever!!!! I have had lots of brands the most expensive "best quality" shakes. This is by far the best ever!! Drink it with some sugar free vanilla almond milk and it tastes just like one of those fudge popsicles! I'm not kidding...just like it!! I could think 1000000 of them lol and for only 110cal "200" with the almond milk you can beat it. No one offered me a free shake or money off I'm honestly giving you my opinion” by Astan413 on January 20, 2017.

meal shake slim fast


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